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that was swell

really gr8 flash animation 6 out of 5

good one

I think the choice of music was good but I also thought it was too short good animation on the axe too and nice preloader and intro 3-5 I'd say.

f0d you rule

but I did not understand that movie O.o
btw, nice intro.

f0d responds:

jake got it on his hands

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pretty good game.

The power ups were fair but I think there needed to be a bit more I think a power up that could actually boost the planes speed could be the result of a higher score review the game it self was pretty challenging specially at the big plane :)

[HINT] Easy Star's- If you want to upgrade your plane to the
maximum you can get stars very fast by going into mission-3 (Boats) When you see a boat get close to it and drop a bomb it will get destroyed but will not disappear nor fire missiles so when it is destroyed keep on dropping bombs and that way you will get easy stars also you can do the same thing with the big boat (Destroyer) Keep on bombing it!


I always like seeing nice graphics in a game and I saw them here most of the time the glow effect catches my eye (which I know I like!)
although I think there should be a different type of music say llike a Fast paced Techno Beat I also liked the camera angles it made the game funner Keep up the good work :)

God Game

Good game nice graphics's and makes you think a lot a bit easy but when you get stuck you just want to give up 3/5 also pretty nice Idea.

-My Own Guide-

1. at the very start click the box near the shifter there should be a flash light. Grab it.

2.Put your cursor on the side of the screen and rotate you should have a side view of the car now rotate more and you should now have the backview. There should be a screwdriver in the left seat. Grab it.

3Still .In the backview of the car there should be a tan-ish colored (between the two back seats)box click it and you should now have a clear view of a cigaret picture thing click it and there should be a key.
Grab it.

4.return to the backview of the car and there should be a small edge near both back seats click the right edged and now you should see two tan mat's click both of them and(edge's) and you should find a razor.Take it(DUH)

5.Go back to the front view of the car look to the right and there should be a compartment in wich tools are stored. Click it.
Use the key to open the box. Grab the 2 objects found(Tape, Batery)

6.Combine Battery with flashlight.

7.Go back to the back view and there is a cushion beatween the two seats, Click it, grab the razor and use it in the two ranctangular shpes near the cushion if done right the cushion now should be riped no click the cushion and and click on the edge. You should now have a view of a password thingy.(Sorry no password)

8.Go bac to the backview of the car and find an above edge. Click on it annd you shoul now be looking above the normal view. there is a small square there and now use the razor on it there is a note about wires I think.

9.Go back to the front view click below he steering wheel and ow you should have a view of the pedals use the screw driver to open a little compartment above the pedals.You should see a lot of wires.

End of my Guide hope it helped!

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nice going

I liked it good style and nice use of guns :)
However I was a bit short.


Makes you smack some one!


Dang Dude these Track Rocks my socks no really these is some good music right here I like these kind of fast paced techno tracks really good, might be using it in a submission =D

ZeRo-BaSs responds:




a house

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